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My vision is to create space for people to connect, collaborate and communicate possibilities, either for themselves or about changes they want to see in the world.

 I’ve noticed a real desire to reignite collectivism. The joy of collaborating with others is that it brings a richness and energy to the possibilities for change.

Collaborating with a co host or leader, with different strengths and capabilities, brings even more electric to creating a space for people to see their brilliance, their creativity, and for possibilities to emerge 

Past collaborations...

In October 2017 I co-hosted a Brighton based event "I am..." with Zelah Senior, a workshop that created a space which empowered women to find clarity and direction.

Zelah Senior

I'm a Renaissance woman, with a wide variety of interests and experiences and a deep curiosity about life. I take an unwavering stand for expansion and connection which flavours my coaching work:

Expansion - I give my clients permission to throw off expectations, explore and enjoy the full range of their abilities, and use them to have a beneficial impact on the world.

Connection - I believe in the African philosophy of Ubuntu: a person is a person through other people.  In a world that can seem increasingly isolationist, I encourage my clients to experience the richness that connection brings to our lives.


"If you think you're too busy for this, or this is the wrong time, then it's just what you need. And if you think you're too shy for this, or too broken, or too anything really, then it's also just what you need. Everyone gets to just show up exactly as they are, and that's magic"

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