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Do you want to get clear on who you are ,

what you want and where you are heading?


I am Andrea Anderson, a Creative Coach with impact. Empowering you to get clear on your identity and direction, along with what it will take for you to live a fulfilling life. 

Beyond bewildered and exhausted is thriving in self acceptance and compassion, with a strong sense of belonging.


It takes courage to have a good hard look at who you really are, to explore what drives you and matters most. It's uncomfortable to face up to what’s holding you back and it takes time to clarify  the actions you will need to take. I will challenge and encourage you every step of the way.


If you are ready to invest in your development and make the changes you're longing for, the reward is the freedom to be bolder in your confidence, creativity and impact.

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Welcome to BOLDER a 3 month Learning Community. In a group of six, each one of you will connect with your brilliance, be set free from what’s holding you back be encouraged to take BOLD action and make positive change.


Together you’ll become a self-sustaining community of honesty, learning and support.

You'll deeply connect with :


YOUR:       Powerful Self


                   Wildest Dreams



YOU”LL    Take bold action to Claim it, all that’s possible for you, and to Keep it Alive!

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