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What is the BOLDER?


It’s a 3 month Learning Programme for you to get BOLDER in your confidence, creativity and impact to make the leap to do what you love!


For some of you it might be reconnecting with what matters most to you, realising what you’re brilliant at and setting yourself free from the things that are holding you back…. that can have a magical impact in all sorts of places in your life. 


In a group of four, each one of you will

  • connect with your brilliance, your natural strengths

  • be set free from what’s holding you back

  • You will get clear on what you want and how to get it. You’ll be encouraged to take BOLD action and make the positive change that you're longing for. 


Together, you’ll become part of a self-sustaining community of honesty, learning and support.

How it works


There are 6 two hour sessions over 12 weeks.


Each session will be held every other Friday, at 10:00am GMT for 2 hours.


In each session I will guide you through a mix of activities, guided visualisations, breakout group conversations, reflections, powerful questions and observations….. and of course it would not be BOLDER without me encouraging each and every one of you to take BOLD action! 


That’s why we have each session two weeks apart, so that you have time to take action and experiment outside of our sessions. 


I will hold a space for each of you to feel safe to speak your truth, share your dreams, vulnerability, laughter, support and encouragement of each other

The topics and flow of the six sessions are:

  1. Powerful Self

  2. Saboteurs

  3. Wildest Dreams

  4. Values

  5. Claiming It! 

  6. Keeping it Alive 


I will create a safe and intimate community for deep connections, learning, creativity and curiosity. In this space both clarity and possibility will converge.…… and most of all I will challenge YOU to take BOLD action towards the positive change you are longing for.

Benefits of BOLDER


Here’s what some of the BOLDER community have to say about the benefits of the BOLDER learning programme (can we add a link here to Client Stories with a BOLDER sub heading? – I will provide text to 5 testimonials)


Cost and Payment Options


1.    Pay in full at start of BOLDER and Save 8% £550 (full price £600)


2.    Pay in three monthly instalments of £200 per month



BOLDER Process


  1. You complete the application form for your place on the next BOLDER programme

  2. I contact you to arrange a 30 minute explore call

  3. You’re offered a place on the programme.

  4. I send you a confirmation of your place and Invoice.

  5. You join the BOLDER Learning programme and the magic begins! You make the changes you want in life and often some wonderful surprises happen along the way.

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