Welcome to BOLDER a 3 month Learning Community. In a group of six, each one of you will connect with your brilliance, be set free from what’s holding you back be encouraged to take BOLD action and make positive change.


Together you’ll become a self-sustaining community of honesty, learning and support.

You'll deeply connect with :


YOUR:       Powerful Self


                   Wildest Dreams



YOU”LL    Take bold action to Claim it, all that’s possible for you, and to Keep it Alive!



Each session will be held every other Friday, for 2 hours. There will be two sessions each month over 3 months.

The topics and flow of the six sessions are:

  1. Powerful Self

  2. Saboteurs

  3. Wildest Dreams

  4. Values

  5. Claiming It! 

  6. Keeping it Alive 


Your Learning & Growth will be Facilitated By Andrea Anderson, Professional Co-Active Coach


I will create a safe and intimate community for deep connections, learning, creativity and curiosity. In this space both clarity and possibility will converge.…… and most of all I will challenge YOU to take BOLD action towards the positive change you are longing for.


There are two cost option

1) £50 per session, which will be £100 per month, total £300


2) £75 per session, £150 per month, £450 total. This will cover each session and give you access to two 1:1 Coaching sessions with me 



There will be two communities running every other Friday; a morning community and an afternoon community

The next ones kick off in April 2021.