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How I coach...

I’m a creative being, so I coach in a creative way, getting you to visualise, embody and connect with who you are and all that’s possible.


I’m a straight talker, so I challenge you to face the truth and take action to live the life you want.

What you'll get...

Clarity on who you are,

what you want and

where you’re heading.


Clarity on your dreams, values, what fulfils you, what drives you and what holds you back.


You can expect to find yourself in a space where  possibilities and clarity emerge on your purpose and strengths, whilst developing your courage and confidence to pursue your dreams and define success on your own terms.


You'll work with a straight forward, honest Coach who will challenge and encourage you to take action, who will dance with your fire and stars, to help you make sense of how you can creatively use it to get to where you want to be……. and much, much further than you ever imagined!

Why am I a coach?

I’ve always been fascinated by people, curious about what’s going on for them.


When I Coach people, I’m collaborating with you to create a safe and courageous space for you to see your brilliance, beauty, vulnerability and creativity.


I’ve always loved exploring possibilities, and in my Coaching work, as well as the privilege of witnessing your truth, I get to help you explore possibilities to be and do what you’ve always longed for.


As a Writer, Coach and late discovered autist, I'm on a mission to inspire positive change for Neurodivergent folk. I create tools, resources and communal spaces for Neurodivergent people to find belonging. 

The purpose of my Coaching is to liberate you to speak truly, live freely, to be bolder and more vibrant in your confidence, creativity and impact in the positive change you make in the world.


It takes courage to have a good hard look at who you really are, to explore what drives you. It's uncomfortable to face up to what’s holding you back and it takes time to get clear on what it will take, to get to where you want to get to.

For those people who are brave enough to do it, the reward is the freedom to be who you want to be and to live a fulfilling life.


I am a Certified Professional CoActive Coach (CPCC) with the Coaching Training Institute, (CTI)  


I was initially trained to coach people when I worked in the digital and fashion world. I found that it was always about performance; “what are you going to do?” “how will you measure your success?”

…… blah blah blah!


I always wanted to explore what was holding people back, to really go much deeper on who they are, what they want, to explore what they are truly longing for, their purpose in this world and to work in a much more creative and instinctive way.


I am not fulfilled by working in a formulaic and structured way, so how could I ever inspire transformation working in this way?!


Co-Active is a balance of “be” and “do” and the synergy of “both, and” , rather than “either, or”. It focuses on the whole person and how you create a courageous space for your client to evoke transformation.


I find it a liberating and creative way to work, and it’s a huge reward to see the powerful transformations it brings for clients.

How It Works

4 Month Coaching Programme

  • We kick off with a two hour Discovery Session.

  • In a very interactive and creative way we'll gather information about  your Powerful Self, we'll meet the Saboteurs who are holding you back and we'll bring to the surface what matters most; Your Values.

  • 6 x 1 hour 1:1 Coaching sessions every two weeks over a four month period.

Cost and Payment Options

1.    Pay in Full at start of the Coaching and Save 6% £1500 (full price £1600)

2.    Pay in four monthly installments of £400 per month


  1. You complete the exploration call form.

  2. I contact you to arrange the explore call.

  3. We'd love to work together.  We agree a start date and book your Discovery Session.

  4. I send you a Coaching Agreement and Invoice.

  5. We start working together and the magic begins!  You make the changes you want in life and often some wonderful surprises happen along the way.

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