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I’m Andrea Anderson and I do Coaching with impact! Empowering you to be BOLDER in your confidence, creativity and impact to take the leap to do what you love.


In my work as a Coach, both in 1:1 Coaching and with groups in the BOLDER Learning programme, I help you to get clear on who you are, what you want and where you’re heading. 


BOLDER is all about helping you to be BOLDER in your Confidence, Creativity and Impact. 


Welcome to BOLDER Living it’s the monthly newsletter that will give you 

⚡️Knowledge.... I share things that work!⁣

💥Power.... the BOLD action you can take ⁣

✨Inspiration ... BOLDER shout out’s to those who are living BOLDLY! ⁣


Here’s the last edition of the Newsletter if you want to get some BOLD inspiration today!


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