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Alexa Loy

Alexa Loy

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The Bolder group provides a real source of collective strength and support. In fact, during that third lockdown period was a bit of a life line for me whilst looking for work and trying find my feet after coming back to the UK two weeks before Covid hit and suddenly life and plans changing so much! 


Bolder was such a joy each week, particularly the group of women who joined. Each session was so beautifully crafted and led by Andrea, and together with Andrea we created a safe space where I felt able to share my hopes, my fears and anxieties and other personal aspects of my life really openly. It felt like a really structured programme and supportive space to focus on desires, ambitions and hopes together. It really is different doing coaching sessions together, which was something I'd not necessarily realised, I thought it would make me feel focused or inhibited but it actually gave it loads of energy and momentum being part of a group coaching session. It was really motivating and energising. 


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