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It was in one of The Womenhood Insta Live sessions that I was first introduced to the hugely inspirational Karen Safo.

Karen’s focus and resilience are hugely inspirational. She has been a human rights activist from a very young age. Against a system wrongly stacked against her and people of colour, particularly women, she was one of the youngest Black Women to make it to the Bar and achieve Barrister status, at 29.

I was hugely inspired by this story she shared, in this cracking conversation with Jess at The Womenhood

I was particularly inspired by the London to Brighton bike ride Karen did back in the summer. Being motivated in breaking chains, both societal and internal, she was of course unconventional in her charitable approach!

Rather than donating money to an established charity, she raised money to go to three Black female owned startup businesses. She further engaged support for these businesses by getting people to vote for their favourite.

Not only did three businesses benefit from being gifted £800 each from the money Karen raised, they developed loyalty and strong following at the vital stage of their development, during a worldwide pandemic!

Here’s some of Karen's wise words, shared in one of her recent posts:

“I believe the glorification of the word “humility” has weaponised a lot of people to tone down, stay in the background, to wait their turn and to stay silent. I don't agree with it at all, I say toot your horn with your chest out with the confidence of a white middle class man!

Tell them what you did, tell them it was your suggestion that elevated that project, tell them that you respectfully disagree with their thought or idea.

Move boldly, let them see you so well that they are confronted by themselves”

That’s what being BOLDER is all about. Believing in yourself, daring to dream and then taking BOLD action to make it happen!

I'd love to hear how Karen Safo inspires you to take BOLD action, please share it in the comments below or over on the BOLDER community forum.

I'm sure Karen will love to hear that from you too. You can find her here and here

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