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Wildest Dreams

If you need a reason to dream, well, here’s 3! Here are 3 powerful things I know about the benefits of Wildest Dreams:

1) EVERYONE deserves to see their potential

No matter your age or stage of life, we all deserve to make space to see what we’re capable of, what’s possible for us.

Daring to dream about how your future might look is a very BIG part of that.

If you won’t do it for yourself, then here’s some food for thought:

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth”

Muhammed Ali

If your motivation is to make a difference to how others live, then dare to dream about how you can take BOLD and meaningful action for positive impact.

2) If you want to be BOLDER in your confidence, creativity and impact you need to make space for the possibility for you to grow and where you’re heading. It is a radical act of defiance to imagine alternative scenarios, better ways, especially when we face the toughest of times.

3) The ingredients you’ll need to dream wilder!


I invite you to spend time filling your soul with inspiration. It could be in a beautiful image, song, print, photo or poem.

Ask yourself:

· What is it about it that Inspires you?

· How does it make you feel?

· What do you imagine when you look at it?

· What life or character does it conjure up?

· What does that tell you about what you’re longing for?


Will you?

Imagine yourself at a future point in your life? 60th, 70th or even 95th Birthday.

· In celebrating your life at this point, what would you want to be celebrating?

· What would you like others to acknowledge you for?

· Where would you be? What would you like to see around you?

Imagine you’ve been given a billboard and can put any message you can on it. Thousands of people of people will drive past it and see your billboard each day. What does it say?

Think of a date in the future, go with the first one that pops in your head.

What’s it like in this place in the future? What’s happening? Who are YOU in this future date?

Capture it

Dare to dream it and dare to write it/record it!

There is something very powerful about seeing our dreams written down or hearing them uttered aloud……. Even better still, sharing it with others.

Will you find some time for yourself this week? Time to inspire, imagine and dare to write your Wildest Dreams for 2021 and beyond? ...... Yes? ....Enjoy! x

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