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An invitation to be BOLDER

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Last year I started an experiment.  I wondered if it was possible to Co- Create a Community of independent, confident, women. A community for them to learn new things about themselves, for them to grow and create new possibilities. In sharing their vulnerabilities, courage and wildest dreams, in the company of other awesome women, could we create a supportive community to continue to encourage growth, development and pursuit of their wildest dreams?  The resounding answer is YES! 

This invitation is not for everyone! This is an invitation to you, if you're committed to making time for your personal development and growth. It's for you, if you have the courage to be  uncomfortable, with really looking at and being with what is holding you back, if you are prepared to put the work in outside of the room... just like these ⚡️Brilliant Bold Beings ⚡️

What did you get from our Co-Creative Community? "You have opened up so much for me and our group. We've seen positive change through BOLD actions"

In fact, this became a mantra for every one of our sessions.. "will you take BOLD action and..?."  So, it feels right to rename this Co Creative Community “BOLDER” This is my invitation to those of you who want to connect with your brilliance, to set yourself free from what's holding you back, to take BOLD action to make positive change.... WELCOME... to Bolder A three month learning community  You'll deeply connect with : YOUR:           Powerful Self, Saboteurs, Wildest Dream and your Values YOU”LL          Take Bold Action to Claim it, all that’s possible for you, and to Keep it Alive!

Together you’ll become a self-sustaining community of honesty, learning and support. Your Learning & Growth will be Facilitated by me, Andrea Anderson, Professional Co-Active Coach I will create deep connections, creative space where clarity and possibility can collide …… and most of all I will challenge YOU to take BOLD action! 

DATES: Each session will be held every other Friday from 2pm - 4pm  starting on

The next community begins Friday 11th September until the Friday 20th November, from 14:00 - 16:00 BST There will be six sessions:

  • Powerful Self

  • Saboteurs

  • Wildest Dreams

  • Values

  • Claiming It! 

  • Keeping it Alive 

COST There are two cost options 1) £50 per session, which will be £100 per month, total £300 2) £75 per session, £150 per month, £450 total. This will cover each session and give you access to two 1:1 Coaching sessions with me 


To apply for your place on the next BOLDER learning community, starting on Friday 11th September 14:00 - 16:00 BST please complete the document below and email it to

Application to be BOLDER
Download DOCX • 638KB

What insights can you offer to future BOLDER participants? "Expect the unexpected....Come with an open mind, and be prepared to get messy and confused at times - it’s not a simple process but really worth doing to get some clarity on yourself and your future direction - you might come with one thing in mind that you want to tackle and leave focussing on something completely different"

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