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April Loves

Over the last couple of months I’m noticing a real change in language of Change Makers, a defiance that they will make change happen, regardless of the establishment, especially when it comes to climate change.

This was undoubtedly been inspired by Greta Thunberg, and her rousing call to action “Our House is Burning”


In a letter published in March the Youth Climate Strikers very powerfully laid out their mission

“We, the young, have started to move. We are going to change the fate of humanity, whether you like it or not. United we will rise until we see climate justice. We demand the world’s decision-makers take responsibility and solve this crisis.

You have failed us in the past. If you continue failing us in the future, we, the young people, will make change happen by ourselves. The youth of this world has started to move and we will not rest again.”

2. Extinction Rebellion

I have been so inspired by this movement and the week of peaceful protests that took place all over London, uniting generations who are deeply concerned for our planet.

When I was in London at the time of the protests, I heard some grumbling about the inconvenience and disruption to travel plans, and the acceptance from most people I chatted with, that its nothing compared to the inconvenience of climate change and its growing impact on our world.

Their demands are bold, simple and clear;

1. Tell the Truth

2. Act Now

3. Beyond Government

I for one am considering what I can do, what investments am I willing to make to act now, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025, which Extinction Rebellion strongly argue we need to do to save our planet.

3. Fashion Revolution Week - The Brighton Fashion Revolution Map

Like so many, I was shocked at the extent the fashion and clothing industry is damaging the planet. I have worked in fast fashion and it took the viewing of Stacey Dooley's Fashion's Dirty Secret's documentary to finally understand the impact that this mass consumption is having on our planet.

I've since been inspired by the great work happening in many sustainable fashion businesses world wide, especially in my home town of Brighton!

The Ethical Fashion Map of Brighton shows all the brilliant businesses making beautiful sustainable fashion, that minimises the damage it does to the planet. Also loads of great events being hosted this week to help people learn skills to remake and reuse what they already have

Fashion Revolution Week is a #whomademyclothes campaign happening in April, which falls on the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, which killed 1138 people and injured many more on 24th April 2013. During this week, brands and producers are encouraged to respond with the hashtag #imadeyourclothes and to demonstrate transparency in their supply chain.


This Debut novel by Gail Honeyman came recommended to me several times. Finally I made the time to read it, indulging in a whole afternoon of reading towards the end of the book. (something I plan to do more often, so energising to escape with a book)

It’s funny, sad, deeply touching and inspiring how human kindness and connection can come from the unlikeliest of places.

I do not bandy this word around lightly..... Genius! Phoebe Waller-Bridge is definitely a genius. Her ability to shock, make you laugh and feel sad, at the same time is like nothing I have ever experienced.

Her ability to connect with all of this was made even more impactful in the second and quite rightly, final series of Fleabag with the addition of deep vulnerability, the longing for love that lies in all of us.

If you’re looking for inspiration from good work happening in the world check out this book!

A collaboration between a brilliant Brighton photographer I know, Sophie Sheinwald and Benita Matofshka. This 3 year project took them all around the world meeting change makers who are changing lives and building a sharing economy.

Carole Cadawalldr, the brilliant Observer journalist, tireless in her pursuit of exposing crimes to democracy, in this TED talk she demonstrates what courage is, to stand up for what you believe in.

Her acknowledgement of her terror of public speaking, and resounding belief that she had to do this TED talk to challenge the giants of social media, make her and her TED talk all the more powerful.

Her provocative questions to Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, and Jack Dorsey, who are sitting in the audience, are spine tingling.

And also her questions and call to actions for us to pay attention and be clear, what do we want from democracy?

I urge you to watch to it, NOW!



Kayte Ferris’s marketing podcast for creatives really resonates with me:

• Do what feels right for you

• Slow Marketing to build a sustainable purpose led business

• Who am I servicing and how can I help them?

I LOVE Elizabeth Day! I binge listened to three of her podcasts during the Easter Holidays; Pheobe Waller Bridge, John Crace, Tracey Thorn.

The very theme of the podcasts invites her interviewee’s to share their vulnerability in failures, and more importantly how these failures have grown and strengthened them as humans.

As well as being a brilliant writer, Elizabeth’s engaging interviewing style makes it one of the best podcasts I’ve listened to.

I will definitely be making time to read her new How to Fail book!

I really loved listening to this show! A lovely insight into the adventures of the wonderfully creative Damon Albarn.

If you like this, also check out his stand in show for Iggy Pop.

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