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Funny Girl!

“You’re a Funny Girl”…….

A phrase that was constantly repeated to me, affectionately, by my Mum, from childhood, still to this day in my 40’s.

What does she mean by this? Having an absolute hate of spotlights, stage's or centre of attention activity, I am certainly no comedian!

She meant Funny Girl, as in strange, unusual, difficult to understand, with my deep, sensitive ways, desire for quiet, privacy and space to hide.

Am I an Oddball?!……

Of course, this sensitive, deep thinker, confused by much of the world I’ve lived in, with constant worry that there is something wrong with me.

Why do I find big groups exhausting? Why do I find larger than life characters or attention seekers both intimidating and annoying? Why do I find new social situations daunting and some people difficult to understand? Why do some people’s words and actions not add up? Why is trust so important to me? Why fake it till you make it? Why not just be genuine and real? Why can’t I just go in there and be like them??

Of course, you must be a weirdo!

P.L.U’s …..

“She’s not a P.L.U, is she babe?”

P.L.U, in case you’re interested, is People Like Us. I first heard this when socialising with a large group that I really, really wanted to fit into, but just didn’t…..

It’s stuck with me for a while…. Who are my PLU’s?

Of course I have some brilliant, warm, funny, kind people in my life who I trust, feel at ease with, dance with, laugh with and happily love them all as my friends.

But they’re not PLU’s they are PLM’s, lots of individuals who I love, share similar values, tastes and interests with. I love them for their individual qualities, they are People Like Me!

I have individual friendships with people, some who are part of a group, but mostly lots of different individuals. I often join the dots in groups, introduce people, help others collaborate, put them together and then get out of the way.

Hallelujah, I have seen the light!

At last, I got round to reading Quiet, The Power of the Introvert, by Susan Cain I mostly wanted to read it for my son, who I suspected was an introvert, I wanted to see how I could help equip him with situations he was finding tricky…….

Finally, the penny dropped, in that slow motion, vibrant, heightened senses way, when you see the truth in all its glory; I am an introvert, Yes!....that is exactly how I feel, think, act

I am an introvert, who has been faking it as an extrovert….. no wonder, I’ve felt like such a weirdo!!! As the wonderful Susan Cain points out in her wonderful book, we live in an Extrovert world, where we are all expected to have a lot to say, be popular for our wit, charm and ability to be social in the real world and the virtual world.

Maybe half the world’s population are introverts, in this extrovert world…… fifty percent of the population could be funny, weird and wonderful like me!!!

I love being a “Funny Girl!”

I love writing, drawing, making things, working intimately with clients, having my own office, running, yoga, meditation, nature and being a bit mysterious!….. and, there is nothing wrong with me!

To all you funny boys, girls, women and men….. embrace your funny, weirdness, it’s bloody beautiful!!

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