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Making it up as I go along!

I am completely making it up as I go along….

How many times have you said, or heard someone else, apologetically saying this?

Why is “making it up” a negative thing?

There are all kinds of social norms that we are conditioned to. To be popular, extroverted, naturally sociable creatures. Methodical, with an eye for detail, objective, organised, clear plans and goals that we check on a daily basis.

Coupled with the Social Media dreams we are sold depicting people living their “best” lives, like it’s all part of a big master plan they strategized some time ago!

A vision and sense of direction are all well and good….

And, Life is not linear!

We are fluid beings, vibrating with emotions, thoughts, desires and perplexed at the vibrations of others!

If we’re tuned into all the madness of politics and economics, and the (to my mind) even more important climate emergency, then we are on constant high alert for the next drama, neigh crisis!

In Business its known as VUCA… Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

Yes, these are the times we are living in my friends, and it’s not looking like it’s going to change any time soon.

Dance in THIS moment

And yet, we do have a choice about how “present” we are. All we really have is NOW, this moment………… and now ,this moment.

Dance in this moment, is a cornerstone of the Co-Active Coaching that I do. And it’s always resonated easily with my love of freedom and spontaneity!

And when I’m Coaching, it’s not about me! Simply asking my clients to slow down and notice what is here now? What’s it like to fully experience it? Give it space. What are you aware of now?

When you get curious and give yourself space to notice it can give you so many more choices about where you go next.

Curiosity Is The Gateway to Intuition

Magical, ethereal information is available to ALL of us, we are all creative, resourceful and whole. The information of which I speak, is our intuition.

I used to believe that had no intuition, that was in the olden days, when I believed I was not creative!

As part of my Professional Co Active Coach training we spent a lot of our practice getting curious. Letting go of agenda’s and judgements and simply wondering.

I wonder what’s under that feeling? What’s creating such a strong reaction? I wonder what this person is really longing for in their life?

And of course, asking these questions of curiosity gives space to so many more possibilities.

I’ve learned that my intuition is accessed by giving space to curiosity. Curiosity is the gateway to Intuition!

Connecting With Your Intuition

Intuition is very unique and different for each and every one of us.

It can be a strong image we get, a voice, a shift in energy, the soft landing of something that just feels “right”

For me, I know my intuition is switched on when my right foot and leg tingles!!! I’m completely connected with what’s happening in the moment, with the person I’m working with and with the universe!

At other times it’s simply a strong feeling I get from something, reading someone’s name, and just knowing I will have some kind of connection with them.

I find that “networking” is a lot more fun when you simply allow your intuition to guide you to the person you need to talk to!

If I’m somehow drawn to them, then I go and talk to them and I’ve made brilliant connections this way.

Trusting Your Intuition

For sure, if you’ve looked at my website, you’ll know I am all about getting clear on who you are, what you want and where you’re heading.

And once you know those things, open up even more possibilities with your intuition!

Here’s to all of us making it up as we go along!

Here’s my invitation to you, to live your life intuitively.

Will you?

1) Give yourself space to be curious?

2) Experience it. If you’re drawn to something or someone, go with it!

3) Experiment with it. When does it serve you well?

4) Hold it lightly.

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