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Punk Up Your Life!

What's Punk got to do with it?

As a child of the 70’s, I was about 4 or 5 when I first saw a punk, and it literally took my breath away!

Being 4 allows you to stare without embarrassment, just with wide eyed curiosity, and a little bit of fear at this other worldly creature with a green Mohican a lot of black makeup on, safety pins and spikes in nose and ears and provocatively ripped clothes, wow!

Had it not have been for my lovely grandmother tearing me away, I definitely would have wanted to touch that Mohican!

Of course that wide eyed curiosity was quickly replaced with the belief that all punks were violent, terrifying people as told to me by well behaved, compliant family!

Bold Identity

Imagine being a walking manifestation of all that is unfair and unjust, the destruction of society, the pain it causes, the safety pins used to patch it up , the barbed wire and spikiness used to protect the corrupt, to keep the underprivileged out, and the slashing required to cut through the injustice of it, to slash to the heart of it. To say in your appearance, this is what matters to me, this is what I believe in and you need to look at it.

What I love about Punk

I love the authenticity of punk, the artistic sincerity, and creativity of it. Boldly and defiantly speaking out about all that was wrong and unfair, the independence from corrupting influences of commerce, corporations, authority and long established institutions. A Howl of frustration and call to action…. “It’s our attitude that counts, we have to do something about this!”

There was a strong idealogy of inclusion in punk, an opposition to racism, sexism, a belief in equality.

A brilliant pioneering spirit, collaboration and creativity were intrinsic to the movement, Do it yourself (DIY), learning as you go along, anything is possible…

Speaking Truly

Its taken me a while, some forty years later from seeing my very first punk! But now I speak truthfully and freely everyday, in the work I do, in the life I live. It’s so liberating to open your heart and speak freely about what’s important to you, the things you value and that mean the most to you in life.

We’re all a bit “punk’ these days, in our mistrust of capitalist corruption and greed, endemic abuse of power in politics, media, fashion, music as well as the institutions that govern us and are supposed to up hold justice.

At last, we’re speaking freely about all that is wrong and unjust in it, and that’s creating movement and much needed change… but there’s so much more that needs to happen.

We live in troubling times, the age of decadence and narcissism, obsession with celebratory, and image, distracting us from collectively facing up to the ugliness, destruction and pain…. Maybe we need to dress punk again!

Living Freely

Punk Inspired a generation to do what they wanted to do, ripping up the rule book and living the truth.

I have been and now work with many people who have lived their adult life as they ought to, according to their family, society, media, the “successful” career and all the trappings that go with it.

Living a life of ought’s and should’s is ok for some, if you want a life of compliance, vacant of curiosity, silence about what you really think…..but if you find yourself wondering what’s missing? how could I live joyfully and freely? How could I do what I’ve always longed to? to live a life of could’s and possibilities then maybe it’s time to punk up your life…..

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